What to consider when designing your Business Card

Your Business Card is you. It’s the impression you leave with your clients and suppliers. Its an extension of your brand and your user experience. It is you. Make it something to remember.

Designing your business card

You can of course go and get a standard card off the internet that simply has your details on it. And is completely functional… and as we all know Louis Sullivan said Form Follows Function! However, let’s talk about the special design feel that a well designed business card will give you. This is the piece of design that you will use to introduce yourself to your new customer. A business card design must then be representational of you. All business cards must have your contact details and preferably your logo on it. I would recommend making your logo prominent on one side and perhaps your name and all your contact details on the other. Remember your business card will be left with your client, it might sit on a desk or it might be kept in a wallet. You don’t want your logo to be shy, keep it front and strong so that it can be seen and recognised quickly. The use of colour. when designing a business card is something I give a lot of thought to. Colour can and will separate you from your competitors. Stick to the main colour within your logo and perhaps use a secondary colour to support it. This will keep balance in your logo and your brand personality.

What can I do to make the design work?

Stand out with a photo! Over the last few years I have seen a lot of email signatures are now moving to the use of photos. This is also happening in business card design. Sometimes, a client will know they met you but can’t remember as they may have been meeting lots of people – perhaps at a conference or event – and so a photo will certainly add that personal touch. I know its not for everyone but given most business cards are designed at 85mm x 55mm, the photo is likely to be small. But how different would that be? It certainly sets you apart from others and is definitely a design element you should consider.

What do I need to put on my card?

Include all your contact details. Make sure your details stand out! Keep them clear. On my own business card, I have kept them big. Not all my clients have great eyesight and so a large font was my font of choice. Also – keep it simple. Consider what is necessary for your contact details and what isn’t. Most people just need your name, address, email and telephone number on your business card but perhaps you don’t need it all. Keep the font above 9pt, ideally 10-12pt. If you are reversing your contact details out of a dark colour, keep them to a minimum of 12 point, especially if they are a colour. My advice would be to avoid reversing out in a business card design but this is entirely your call. I have seen some beautifully design business cards where details were just in black but the stock paper was hot pink.

In summary, be creative, think outside of the norm, what message do you need to convey, one that shows you and is memorable. But also one that will get that client to pick up the phone and call you! And what can i say? If you need help designing something really fantastic, call me, Sinead