What to consider when deciding between graphic designers in Dublin

So, you have decided that you need to have the help of a graphic designer to create the visuals for your company. You’ve been in touch with a few of them and you have a range of quotes and portfolios. What now? Here are the things you need to know that might help you figure out which graphic designer is best for you.

1. Creativity

This might seem obvious as so often we are led by cost but there’s a reason I put it at the top. Creativity sparks imagination. It makes your product stand out. It’s more than just good visuals, it’s a good response to a brief. Have a look through their portfolio or their blog, consider what they have done in the past that you like. A good graphic designer will listen to their clients and provide design solutions that looks good but reflects the desires of the client. This should show through their work. So a wide range of design style on a portfolio should signal a good graphic designer. A graphic designer on top of their skill set. Indeed, a good range of logos that all look similar shows a client that listens to their own purposes. A good graphic designer will not display a style, rather a diversity of style.

2. Response

A good graphic designer will get back to you quickly, even better if the designer is open speak with you? Some designers prefer communication by email which is up to them but a designer who wants to engage with you on the phone or zoom will be a designer who will deliver. Watch for a graphic designer who is open to communication, replies quickly as they are certainly designers that can get things done.

3. Quote

Shop around, shop around, shop around. Some graphic designers put more into projects than others, and designers will always try estimate number of hours to give a quote. But you mightn’t want the designer to sit on the design that long if you have a very clear of what you want. Similar could be said for any items of design, packaging or annual reports – some designers would spend more time or less time on different types of projects. It’s simple maths that one designer might need to spend more time than others on it. If in doubt have a look at how experienced they are, especially in terms of the type of project you have in mind. If a designer is estimating based on hours which most do, then its obvious that a more experienced designer wouldn’t take as long.

4. Ignore the awards

A designer shouting about their awards is not the sign of a good graphic designer. We’ve all won awards, myself included, but its not the Oscars, it shouldn’t change my title to Award Winning Graphic Designer! An award is lovely, but it’s not what matters, what matters is a good fit, a good understanding of your project and a willingness to be open to critique. Be careful because there are graphic designers who feel an award permits them to charge 3 or even 4 times what others do, especially ones that putting it everywhere as it is possible they are more interested in awards than your design project.

5. What do their clients say about them?

If there was an award to shout about it would be the ones in words that clients say about the designer. These are people who have been through the design process with the designer and there is no hiding in these comments. References and client comments will always show how the process went and what is to be expected…and if you wanted to see a few of mine, they are HERE