Revenue Training Board

The RTB contacted me to pitch for design work for their rebrand and a selection of Powerpoint slides. I believe the pitch went out to several agencies, and several you will probably see on the top list of Google. I won the pitch as my experience and creativity was standout. But also the other agencies were huge quotes. A government agency will have budget but they weren’t impressed with some of the quotes which were deliberately high they felt. They were prepared to pay for a quality designer without having to rob the taxpayer to do so! My brief was to update a new logo and to deliver 10 powerpoint slides. In the end I delivered more than was required because flexibility was really important.

First the logo. We investigated several design options but landed on a classic logo combining the Revenue colour suite and an easy to identify icon. The general meaning behind the logo was the idea of combining and connection, of training and learning and people. The 3 leaves represent each of these elements in a way thats similar to a book. The font was already chosen and in line with Revenue brand guidelines. Sometimes being creative means you have to find where you can go within the confines of an already brand and look. The icon was chosen and agreed by the larger team at the RTB so I was delighted so many were involved and engaged.

Below is the new logo I designed:






Following on from that, they asked me to design Powerpoint Master slides. I created each of these in illustrator and with some design magic I brought them into Powerpoint as Master slides so when anyone from the organisation chose a slide they had a range of design options to choose from. This is such a simple but really important aspect of branding when trying to keep your brand look uniform across all communications. Imagery chosen had to be diverse and interesting but also adaptable. Below are the Powerpoint designed presentation slides.































If you are interested in the starting points of branding. If you want your business to become a brand, starting with your logo, your. business communications and social profile is the best place to start. Why not contact me to discuss what you might need to strengthen your look and make you stand apart from your competition.