Graphic Designer Client Confidentiality

Did you know that part of being a graphic designer is being confidential about clients work? A lot of the work I do I add to my website but believe it or not there is quite a large amount (almost 50-70%) that I can’t or have been asked not to. Its’ like being a doctor sometimes with client privacy. But that’s simply part of my job – not telling the public what I’m doing! Often this can be because it’s business and companies do not want the competition knowing what they are up to. Sometimes, its simply because my client may have a public profile and doesn’t want the heat from the media. I have a property developer who has started new companies and doesn’t want too many knowing about it. I have a very famous Irish philanthropist who is so private I absolutely never share their work. I have a very high profile beauty brand as a client and I have signed a NDA with them. This means I do not speak of their upcoming products. I do not mention what their plans are and I certainly don’t post the work I am doing….until they are launched. It is so important to obey the wishes of my clients but also to be respectful of their decision. I know some graphic designers will post the work they do and offer apologies after, but I’m not like that. I 100% respect the wishes of my clients. I always ask first and if they say no, I accept that. It’s not even a case that it’s not worth it, it’s just that the Irish media and corporate businesses operate in a very particular way and my clients are the experts of that.  Some products may be about to launched and they will put the work out to tender. At that point the whole design industry knows there is a massive brand launch coming. There is no mystery in the details either. So my advice is that if you wish the work to be done quietly, it absolutely will, as long as you pick the right graphic designer for your work. So keeping that in mind, when you may not see a massive change on my Blog for a while, its usually because the work is confidential!

So, what I need to say now is that if you are looking for some design work to be done quietly, without fan-fair or questions asked, I am the graphic designer for your project. Get in touch!