What makes a really decent Graphic Designer in Dublin?

Graphic Designers are the ones that drive the visuals that surround us every day. From recognisable logos to seemless and easy to use Websites and Apps. So, I investigated what it was that makes us tick and what qualities you need to look out for in a Designer that will work well with you!

1. Creativity

This is the obvious one. But sometimes, designers want to finish a brief, or meet a deadline. A really good designer can do all this and deliver the most unique creative top quality graphic design.


2. Client focused

A good graphic designer can put their client front and centre. It’s very easy to be focused on the work in hand on a day to day basis but getting the client what they need in a mannerly and efficient way is a must for any designer.


3. Innovation

A good graphic designer will be constantly focusing on innovation. Not only within their own industry and the newest technologies and methods of design, but also within their clients’ industry. Perhaps this is in the form of a new piece of packaging or a better way to deliver your product.


4. Communication

When you are working closely with a good graphic designer the communication street works as a two-way avenue. Keeping an open line of communication will add to the finished product. Its key for the design itself but also for the development of the project from the start. Communication also works outside of the client relationship with printers and suppliers. It’s fundamental.


5. Open to criticism and change

The best designers can listen to critique of their work and improve it. They should not feel it’s a personal attack but more about the work and getting the client what they want. A good designer will see comments and critique as positive. And the best ones want and need this feedback.


6. Market Aware

Designers will be aware of the demographics and target audience and will be able to choose the right visuals for the right market.


7. Project Management.

Graphic Designers will be able to deliver your designs on time and on budget. They will be able to have their work professionally prepared for printers or developers and be ready to deliver it on time


8. Teamwork

Most design projects involve a team and designers must have the ability to work within that group using all of the above elements to deliver top quality design and one time to happy clients!