Top Tips For Good Brochure Design For Businesses

First things first, you might think: “I’m online! Why do I need a brochure?”

In today’s online world, you might think, as a business owner, why would you need to even consider putting yourself in print? Do you even need a brochure?

Here’s the thing: brochures have been around for decades and their role has indeed changed. They no longer need to act as the information provider but rather the brand builder. They act as the support, the initial contact, the leader of your brand.


Certain types of clients and your target market simply prefer a tangible brochure:

There is no denying that some people are not interested in online reading or checking out websites and for these people, the information they need should be in the form of a brochure. This is a large market of people who just never go to websites for what they want and the way to communicate to them is through a well-designed, clear professional brochure.


Keep it short and sweet:

Keep your logo strong and keep it clear and this will work wonders for your business. Use your brochure as your brand builder! Keep information concise and to the point, and support it with some well designed images or graphics. From a design and brand point of view, this is a brilliant exercise because it means your extensive information can stay online and not fog this brand piece. It can make the piece look amazing and when they are designed professionally it adds credibility to your brand and your business.


Use your brochure! Research your market and target them directly!

Once you figure out who your target market it, you can easily reach them directly with a brochure. When you are advertising and marketing to the masses, there can be substantial leakage and ultimately you are hoping for the best, fingers crossed. Not so with Direct Marketing. If you use a brochure to reach your market, then you know its money well spent. This can be in the form of a brochure drop in your area if you are a local retailer perhaps, or indeed handing them out directly at a stand at a conference or event.


A Cost Effective Marketing tool!

If you are on a budget, or if you are a start up company even, you need to keep an eye on your costs. A simple brochure will fill your communications requirements with the right information. The cost of design and print is significantly lower than you might think and makes this type of marketing extremely cost effective when compared to other method of marketing.