Tips when considering a freelance graphic designer in Dublin

If you are not part of the graphic design industry, understanding how graphic design works for your company may be confusing. However, it must be considered necessary to get these details right if your business is to shine over your competitors. If you don’t have the knowledge or experience, then one answer is to hire a freelance graphic designer such as myself. But, how do you know you are hiring someone suited to your business?

If you are interested in working with a freelance graphic designer, it is necessary to be clear about your expectations and goals in relation to your project. What I suggest is that you work with me and give me a clear brief on what you are looking for. The design brief you give me should include details of your project aspirations, notes about your company, your market objectives for this project and your direction for the company. I would ask you to provide details about deadlines and any expectations so the graphic work I do for you meets your desired expectations. I thrive on feedback and if I do a design thats wide of the make discussion and feedback is what gets you closer to the final design. At no point do I take any feedback personally. Graphic Designers by nature can be very attached to their work but as with experience this is a benefit and not a criticism and will allow you to find the right visual.

Make sure you feel you have your research done and that we can start your graphic design project with a clear outline of your business objectives.

Graphic Designers

The best graphic designers can think intuitively and creatively and find targeted design solutions solutions to even the most complex of marketing issues. There are several ways that you can assess this ability in your graphic designer. Perhaps you might find out more about the skills that are needed to be successful in graphic design overall. Maybe be familiar with what software and support resources we use that you are comfortable with.

One way to see if you will work well together is to ask them what they think of a logo design or a piece of advertising and ask them to add their opinion and value to make the piece better. While doing this, don’t forget to ask why they would make these design changes and why they feel it would work better.

It is important to remember that all graphic designers in Dublin view their work as a collaborative process and you need to work with them on the final project outcome.

A graphic designer should want to know about your business, your industry and how your brand stands out. A good graphic designer will need to know how you see your business and flavour the visuals to suit your taste and direction. It’s important they reflect this in the response. They should also want to know about your target market and any plans you have to alter your business direction or size.

Choosing the right freelance graphic designer is more than the skills required and the technical aspects of the design. It is also about personality. Its no harm to find out a bit more about your graphic designer likes and their taste so you can work together to finish the design project to its best.

Considering all of this, and given I have a great deal of graphic design experience, I would love to hear from you – we can discuss your project, some great design pieces and work together to deliver what you need.

Drop me a line here and I will be back in touch very soon.