“Describe Myself? Sure here goes….”

I was recently approached by one of Dublin’s top design and brand agencies to be included on to their freelance list of graphic designers. This agency is one that is making a mark on the creative scene in more ways than one. I was thrilled to be approached but I was confident an honest description of myself was warranted. I was asked to describe a bit about my story, my likes and dislikes in design work. I wrote the following response and felt putting it up on my blog would serve as a good place to start if you are interested in learning a bit more about me:


About me:
I trained in interior design and graphic design and have always used my training in both areas. I have been working in the area of design communications for 25 years. I worked in Dave Curran Design for many years where I learned my craft. We were responsible for a list of brands identities sill active today (Kilmeaden, Kia Ora, SuperMacs) which I feel shows the longevity of our work and connection with the client product and brand. I went on to work in house in property and education and media before deciding freelance graphic design was for me.
I am not a temporary freelance graphic designer in between work. I work this way as it connects me with the wide range of creative brains in Dublin as well and keeping my own creative brain going around my family life. 
What are my strong/weak points? 
With my experience, I tend to make design decisions quicker, relate well to the brief and deliver quicker than most. It’s a confidence in what I do that shines. I will always give the client what they wish but I do try and guide and highlight if something isn’t quite right. I am confident in my work but not so ego driven that I can’t take guidance. I see critique as a positive marker on the road to a well designed project.  I’m extremely patient so when clients apologise because they want to make more changes or go back to another version, I don’t have a problem with that and I think thats very important. I support my clients and I don’t complain. So I feel I am approachable and adaptable, easy to work with.
I have been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects and there isn’t much I haven’t done. But I am a graphic designer for print. I can work on the aesthetics of digital or video but I usually work with more dedicated professionals to deliver on quality.
Favourite style of design
I always take inspiration from interior design for graphic design, whether that be a design book or on Instagram, I always see the clean lines and creativity from an interior. However, I feel the connection between colour and aesthetics is undeniable. For design to work, colour has to be chosen carefully, typography strong and clean. I love vibrant, confident design, not afraid to push boundaries and stand out!
Work I like to do
I enjoy corporate experiential design work. I’ve done a bit of this work for the banking/insurance sector, creating launches at head offices for staff engagement. I’ve also completed design projects for events like Taste of Dublin and promotional shows which I have really enjoyed. 
I love packaging design. I think its the most exciting projects to work on and seeing my work on shelf has always given me the kicks. I love design for the retail sector.
I’m very strong with documents, reports and brochures. I feel I connect the dots between the brand, product, communication and design. 
I do branding very well but this is not something I love. I feel there are designers out there who love this kind of work and they do well with it.
I’m just looking at some recent work I have done to see how long they took. So much is dependent on the client but for initial brief to 1st proof:
4-8 page brochure – 4-6 hours
16-20 page brochure – 6-8 hours
Flyers/ads/social jpeg 2-3 hours 
Labels for packaging 2-3 hours 
Event or experiential graphics (included in proposal document) 6-8 hours 
Range of packaging – 6-7 hours