Brown Thomas Arnotts Retail Graphic Design

From September to November 2022, I worked in house with Brown Thomas Arnotts on their graphic design requirements for their stores. This really appealed to me as the description of the work involved was right up my street. It’s no secret that retail graphic design work is quite prominent in my portfolio and there is something about seeing your work on a shop floor that gives me a bit of a kick. The graphic department are very busy, and the graphic design work they centre around is Point of Sale, so posters, floor signage, graphic retail vinyls, wraps and lightboxes. Sometimes they require graphics for their restaurants like menus or branding or if there is an event on, they might require invitations, signage, social graphics or directional branded signage. The BTA marketing team is separated into different teams like Beauty or Home/Living. So from day to day you might be working with a number of Marketing Executives on their design requirements for their own department. This could be across any of the Brown Thomas stores nationwide or Arnotts. They are a lovely team and I enjoyed joining the design team. Below is a selection of images of the work I did for them. As you can see, I pretty much did it all while there. If you are looking for a. Freelance Graphic Designer or some Graphic Design support for your business, do get in touch at