My New Business Cards have arrived!

Once the new logo was for Designer G was completed, getting the website updated was first and second is the beloved Business Cards. As a graphic designer, I was nervous about hitting the send button to my printer and hovered over it a while. My cards must speak for me and I needed to be sure who Designer G was. Having taken a hard look at my role in the graphic design industry in Dublin, I have had a rebirth and repositioned myself as a Freelance Graphic Designer and not just a graphic designer or design agency. This means that I’m my boss, not at the mercy of management decisions and in charge of my own destiny. And what’s fantastic about it is it means I am an experienced graphic designer working for my clients directly and I’m able to feed my experience straight into their project. I look after my own clients. I give them the personal service and attention they deserve and I am the direct communication for their design requests. So it’s just me. And I wanted my business cards to be simply reflective of that. I always ask my clients what their favourite colour is and mine is teal and so its my feature colour but I kept it clean and simple. I also wanted to make sure it was legible. So many times I have been given beautifully designed business cards with the font at 4pt and worse, reversed out 4pt! Some people can’t read that size! I don’t need an extensive list of address lines or numbers so keeping it simple was easily managed.


But the one thing you can’t tell from these photos is the finish. I have gone for a soft touch finish and my clients love it as much as I do. It’s just a coating added after printing but it feels like moleskin. It’s not paper in feel at all. It’s almost organic in texture. My Printer recommended it and I love how they add to finished product.

If you want to have a feel of these fabulous business cards, give me a shout! 😉