Logo Design by Designer G

As I’ve been designing logos for many years, I have realised that the logos I design have personalities of their own. I know that my main goal in developing and designing logos for clients is to be the conduit for their vision for their business. Sometimes this means I have to deviate from my own personal taste and work to design the logo the client wants. I will be honest and say that I have loved some of the results but not always. And in saying that, it means I have 100% happy clients. Often my clients don’t know what they want and so I do try and guide them, this is rare. Designing logos for entrepreneurs means they already know what the want. With the world being so brand savvy now, most clients have a very clear picture and they need to get the vision for their logo realised. Communicating with clients has brought me to a place where I work extremely hard to provide some pretty awesome logos which I’m very proud of. Here are a selection of the logos I’ve loved doing.


Dexter Coaching – The logo from the client who was very clear about what they wanted!

The brief on this logo was to include the mathematical symbol somehow that represented change. This is the Delta Δ Symbol. It’s effectively a triangle shape and we worked to produce a subtle nod to that, whilst keeping the colour sin line with my client’s personal taste. We wanted to move the Delta Symbol to its give the emphasis on flipping and changing so I incorporated the feeling it was moved to its side, that is was turning and changing. With the business about finding your life goals, career changes and paths, this was so important to the overall result. This client was very explicit about what they wanted. We worked through various stages of Deltas, suitable fonts, emphasis and colours to land this final product. I am happy to say the overall result really captures what the client wanted and represents a trusted source for Life Coaching.


Kilmeaden – The “Famous” Logo

This logo is certainly the one I see more than others and I am certainly proud of it. I was pleased to be part of the original team working with Glanbia to produce a look to their new cheese which they launched in the early 2000’s. At that point in my career, I was working with a design agency in Dublin City Centre so the ability to work with a group of Creatives to produce this look was career defining. We commissioned an illustrator for the central image and worked to create a homely, separate logotype for The Fillet of Cheese and a bespoke logo for Kilmeaden. But without doubt, the best thing about this logo is that it is still used. It is still on packs. I still see it everyday (almost) and it hasn’t changed.





Priory Partners – Just keep it simple

This logo is a classic example of pulling back. Paring back to the minimal. What the client wanted was a logo that was black and white, simple, classic. After a look at logos in frames and with small icons, the client wanted to move away from any symbols that might be misinterpreted. So I looked to the location: Dublin. And of course the Spire was iconic. But I didn’t want it to be obvious as in the PAI logo (below). What I wanted was to use the Spire as inspiration for the design of the logo. I created a very strong dynamic shard to separate the 2 words which would mean the pronunciation of the name would be strong and with pause. The font had to be simple but with the target market, I wanted to get as close to a serif font without being serif! This means the font stays simple and yet serious. The client wanted to emphasise the trust and experience of their company and the combination of strong font, simple icon and monochrome colour conveys this effectively.




Lovinsulation – Happiness in a Business environment.

This logo was going to be different from the start. Most companies move away from the notion of emotions or feelings. The name of the company was certainly going to be all about the Love and about as far from Insulation as you would think! But I listened to the client and he wanted this logo to represent that cosy, love you have for your home. The idea was to protect your home, to care for it and to demonstrate that in the colour choice. This was LOVely to do and I’m delighted with the result.





Public Affairs Ireland – A logo for the Public Sector.

The brief for this logo was to put Dublin central to their logo. They wanted their logo design to show their reach across both sides of the Liffey. The client wanted the logo to be classy, to be serious but to be Irish. The idea behind using the Samuel Beckett bridge image was to have it look like the strings on the Harp used for logos for Guinness. I drew the image from a photo and decided to use it with a gold finish. The choice of font was a serif to lean on the trust of the business which is to provide events and courses to the public sector. This logo needed to show it was new and fresh but to also give the feeling they have been around for a long time and trust was central to that. Hand on heart this is one of my favourite logos. Probably the one I’m most proud of. It really looks like how the client wanted it to. Its bright and fresh and yet you know the company are strong, confident and reliable.


Physio Fitness – Stay Strong, Look Strong

Physio Fitness is a new business combining physiotherapy with strength exercise. The client gave me a full brief which included an image of weights but he wanted the idea of how fitness combined with well planned exercise can combat physical muscular problems. We figured to put the weights together with a heart beat so that visually the logo would represent the nature of the business. The strong colour black in the logo was used to frame the blue heartbeat element so that its centre to the message. Blue was chosen as the colour of respect and trust. The final product was a very clear, strong logo and a happy client.