Logos and Branding – Hidden Messages?

I found this:


Secret hidden messages in logos and brands over the years. I’m particularly shocked by the connection that the McDonalds Golden Arches represent Mothers Brasfeeding Milk. The “symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts”…I’m pretty sure that will make me think next time I fancy a Shamrock Shake.

The Coca-Cola team attempting to find a Danish flag in the logo was a little sad. I could find a danish flag in my spag bol if they want it.

There are a few better suggestions in it though. The Amazon logo for instance. Or the over-thought out Mitsubishi logo.

At the end of the day, there are logos that have cost $100ms (Pepsi) and our very own Irish Water (€10,000) and while logos are the very essence of a brand, we should just accept the brand for what it is and not try ot make the logo or indeed the artistry of the logo any fancier than a well thought out visual decision.

Get a logo you want, get a brand you want, don’t pay through the nose and don’t try pretend its something its not.