The Hand-Drawn and Script Fonts Phenomenon

I can’t help but notice that the desire for the script and hand drawn looking font is still on the rise. I imagine Illustrators are in their element creating them in lofty white open plan loft studios in San Francisco and releasing them onto font sites for the rest of us Graphic Designers to gobble them up!! 🙂 Or certainly give them a very legitimate whirl, cough. You’ll probably see my new logo has totally been influenced by this…so why did I go that way? I just saw how these font made me think of Creativity and a Friendly approach. This is what I wanted to say about my business and my influence totally came from many places and over a long time while I contemplated what I wanted to say in my brand.

This site caught my eye: Go Radiate

How beautiful and understated is that font? It looks like its been created so that its all done in Upper-Case but the real Upper-Case appears slightly larger than the rest. The reason this site works so well is that the Designer decided to keep this font to headings only. Given the entire site is related to illustration its been kept very understated but with impact coming from colour. This is a Google Font.

Here is another site which demonstrates how lots of these fonts can come together to make it work: Swash and Fold

Its busy but it works, doesn’t it? You can’t not read that. Plus you already have a handle on their style. And their personality.

If you want a new logo designed and you like the idea of these types of fonts, get in touch with me and we can discuss a font that is suitable for your business.