Logo Designer, Branding Designer, Graphic Designer??

I have to admit before I even went to art college, I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. A Graphic Designer in a creative environment solving marketing issues, and using Graphic Design to improve the look of products and services for business owners and managers. There are several types of businesses that thrive using the services of Graphic Designers. Many simply want to have a logo designed or a flyer done for an event. But Graphic Designers are doing way more than that these days. They help develop the product. Help it to stand out. Sort the order for the product within its market and respond to that in a visual capacity.

I have to say I was really shocked that a government body like Irish Water charged €20k for their logo. Overcharged and over rated. But then I realised, it’s not just for the logo design is it? It’s for the brand. For the trust it’s looking for from water users. Logo design/brand design, it’s all about the visuals, the time it takes the designer to create something of meaning with impact and to visually represent the business.

If you want a logo designed, Graphic Designers are great at that and we do it well! A logo though is part of the whole of the brand and only tells us a bit about the business. If you want a brand designed, give us the product, tell us the history, show us where in the market it will sell, let us get excited for your product, visualise its place and create a graphic that embodies all of that. Make it representative and attractive. So it’s not just a logo, it’s a whole lot more. It’s what gets you excited and interested and it’s also about allowing the consumer to be able to recognise a product when its placed next to several of its competitors. It’s trusting that brand. It’s knowing what you’ll get if you buy that product because you have already built a relationship with the product and how it’s presented. It’s building relationships and reminding us of them. Your brand is your personality. The logo is your face.

So remember, a logo is for now, a brand is for life.