Good graphic design will always add value to your business

In today’s business environments, communication is central to the function of any professional activity. What I am noticing now is the need to keep a brand experience consistent across all communications. This starts from when a customer or client first interacts with the brand, right through the whole brand experience to the final conclusion. With that interaction so crucial, businesses are now engaging with User Experience experts and keeping the tone and exchange on brand and with the same tone. At all points along the communication trail, the visuals and optics, the branding, the comfort in the aesthetic, is incredibly important. Big businesses and corporations know this and emplo teams of experts to keep their efforts on brand ensuring a trust that is built within these transactions. It starts with a logo, it includes the brand, the business personality, it moves to the experience, the valued trained staff and allows the interaction to be built on a positive note.


The very same can be said for smaller owner run businesses. Adding value to your own business can come in the way of using design and good visuals to your brand. Take for instance a recent client of mine who wanted to open a retail space relating to photography. I was involved with the logo but also the branding of the store and the brand experience the customer would have entering the store (signage, layout) meeting with staff (trained, experienced), understanding their requirements (brochures, flyers), purchase, and the evolution of that experience outside of the retail experience (trust, reliability). Knowing that at all time the experience was enhanced by a visual identity the customer becomes familiar with.


On a less retail experience, you can add value to your business at all points of contact with your customers or clients. Whether that be online, on your website, or through the app, on social media or even through to packaging, decent design adds value to the product. Todays consumer is experienced and knows what they want. If a product is wrapped in packaging that is beautiful, it will add to the sense of value and appreciation. It determines the difference between quality and cheap and investing in a product that looks like it is worth less that is being paid for it, is not on any consumers wish list.


If you commission the experience of a graphic designer, you are getting years of value and tried and tested ways to add value to your product. Working with a person you can have your own brand developed and you can enhance the profitability through use of simple design tactics. By speaking to a graphic designer you have the 1-1 personal experience. I am always speaking about customer service and I feel this is the essence of my product. If you speak with me, you get all of me, my experience, my appreciation for what works and what doesn’t, a personal result that is created just for you. You can go on cheap websites and you can get your free bits of graphic design, but you are not getting the quality product you and your business deserves. Add value, use graphic design to create and experience that is not like anything else.