Why hire a Graphic Designer?

The computer is a great tool, and it makes it easier for small business owners to create their own fliers, brochures, postcards and even websites. So why would you want to use the services of a professional graphic designer? Here are six reasons why small business owners are best served by hiring a design professional to create their marketing materials.

1. Busy Busy Busy!

Small business owners have many things going on. That means you may put off doing a new marketing piece, even if it is something you really need. Hiring a good and speedy designer, like me (!), means you can concentrate on what you need to do and I can you what you need in half the time

2. You can’t afford not to.

Graphic Designers get things done correctly from the minute you brief us. Let’s say you do put together something yourself, and send it off to the printer. When the proof – or worse, the finished product – comes back with problems that you didn’t anticipate, fixing or reprinting will take even more time and money. Designers know what to do to make sure a file prints out correctly. We know the business, we know what type of files the printers work with and we’ll save you the cost of technical issues or losing time learning how to get things done. We’ll save you money on common mistakes and we’ll be able to keep you smiling during the process!

3. You’re looking good.

If you want your business to look good and to look professional, then we are the experts. We have extensive knowledge about fonts and colours and materials and we will do our best to keep your brand looking great. Be unique – show your product has quality.

We know branding and we can make sure your brand is recognised and memorable.  We know how to look at your product with fresh eyes and we are trained and have the experience to keep it looking good and standing next to the competition looking and visually better.

4. Creative brains all around!

Graphic Designers are generally pretty creative and we love nothing more than to let you get the most out of your project. Taking us on will mean your product is likely to look better than you thought it would and it’ll have that professional look and polished finish. We can take your ideas and create magic. We have the experience and savvy to translate your ideas and we enjoy making it work for you. You won’t be disappointed engaging with someone who is as passionate as we are about design.

5. Because your business deserves it.

All your marketing materials should be the best they can be for your business. They should reflect the passion and determination you have for your business and make you stand out. There is quality in an idea so keep that quality throughout all your marketing communications. You have worked hard at this product, make it show that it is worth it.

6. You get what you pay for.

Yes, absolutely, you can get your nephew or next door neighbour to do up a logo or a flyer but if you come to a professional Graphic Designer, they will be able to take that concept and make it sing. You have only one chance to impress a first time customer before they move on so give it your best shot! Give your business the quality it deserves. Get your Graphic Designer to work within your budget and get a professional job thats pleasing for you and perfect for the job in hand.


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