Logo Design and Branding, which do you need?

Logos form part of your overall brand and create the cornerstone of your company’s identity. It is something that will appear on all your company’s communications from Business Cards, Letterheads, Website, Social Media, to Invoices, Advertising and Packaging. It is something that must be representative of the personality of the company but also visually pleasing and attractive.

Branding represent the overall personality of your business and how its visually displayed. This can mean the overall look of your website or how your customers experience your business on your premises, such as a restaurant or college. Your brand is your personality and your logo is the face. Designer G will work with you on what you want for a logo, for the personality of your business, and extend it comfortably to fit your brand.

It is our aim to support your Brand by providing the Graphic Design solutions you need.

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