FAQ – A few of your questions answered

What do Graphic Designers do?

Graphic Designers design visuals for print or online. We use technical knowhow and team it with creative instincts and experience to render graphic design work to fit our clients brief.

Designer G designs:

  • Logos
  • Packaging
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Publications
  • Flyers
  • Booklets
  • Newsletters
  • Online banners, etc..


How to hire a great Graphic Designer

You should always consider a Graphic Designer based on whether or not you think they have the skills to complete what you need. Creativity is most important! Be sure that they are Creative enough to complete your requests, that they understand your business, and that you feel you can work together and communicate smoothly.


How can Graphic Design support my new business start-up?

I love Startups! I have started my own company so I know how many balls you have in the air trying to get things done. I will always support you by knowing what is coming down the line and what you can expect. I can get you to market smoothly and avoid any of the pitfalls you may encounter. I know that investment in your product has been heavy so we will make sure your dreams are reflected in our combined design results and visuals. I am a problem solver and supporter and I have the enthusiasm to back you.


Why hire a Graphic Designer?

There are many reasons to hire a Graphic Designer. Mostly because we have the skills to create communications and marketing material that will support you and your brand. I can dodge any potential pitfalls you might encounter by not using a professional and ultimately save you the costs of a bad print job. If you want to look professional, then a Graphic Designer can help you.

Check out other Blog entries for a full rundown on why it is so important to hire a Graphic Designer.


How to work with your Graphic Designer

There are many ways to get the best from you Graphic Designer and here at Designer G, I have many years of experience helping others understand what I can do together as a professional and what is the limitations, if any. I am very open, I pride myself in my approachable personality so once communication flows, we can create great Graphic Design together!

Check our blog for further information on how to work together!


What type of Graphic Design experience do you have?

I have over 20 years experience in Design. I was in college when I first starting working on a Mac Classic and it has been a love ever since! I have studied Graphic Design, Animation, Advertising, Copywriting, Social Media and Print Production. I spent nearly 10 years working in one of Dublin’s top design agencies and learnt from the best in the business. I have worked on some amazing and famous brands and have gleamed huge amounts of experience from them. I moved into the Advertising industry that was a game changer but gave me the fundamental skills to understand the world in media. I briefly worked in marketing in the education sector before launching my own Graphic Design agency. This is what I know. This is what I love and this is what I do best. Graphic Design is an art but it is also extremely practical and I love being able to produce work that makes my clients happy.


Can you design websites?

The simplest answer to that is yes, I can create visuals for you to design your website. However, I don’t build them. I can recommend technical geniuses that can take our vision and put together a wonderful site for you. Please get in touch for a chat!


Do you know about Social Media?

Yes, I have been involved with some bigger brands and even local retailers to get their presence online and on social networks. I can chat to you about what channels best suit your brand and what kind of content you need to create for your business.


What do Graphic Designers charge?

The answer to this is very simple: What do you want to spend? If you want something you feel you can’t afford, come speak to me, we can set up an affordable payment plan but most importantly get you what you need for your business now!


What does the “G” stand for in Designer G?

G is Graphics. I have had some very strange suggestions over the years! But often the answer is easier than you think! I wanted the name and the brand to be representative of my goal. To me something Designer is bespoke, created for you, specific, high end. It is my desire to create design solutions made for you, made for your brand. How do I do this? My work ethic is collaborative. I ensure the graphic design project is a result of our combined efforts, open communication and specific to your requirements.


Do you do any Graphic Design work for charity?

As it happens, I do! I have a relationship with Diabetes Ireland. I am happy to continue to provide design work for them as long as they need it completely free of charge! If you are a Cancer charity looking for marketing or design support, I would be delighted to help also.


Are you a Freelance Graphic Designer?

At the moment, due to on-going work with my current clients, I cannot commit to working full time hours in-house as a Freelance Graphic Designer. However, I am available from time to time and I can do some freelance graphic design work for a few hours in the mornings or take projects on at home. I charge an hourly rate as if I were an employee at the going market rate for Senior Graphic Designers. Contact me if you feel this is something that might interest you.