A Fresh new look for Designer G

Graphic Designer and their logos! The Button Logo is no more and has been replaced. I’m not so sure where the desire came from but the longer I looked at my last logo,(I know it was beautiful at the time) but it didn’t reflect what I was trying to say now. So it had to go.

I can’t express how much a logo says about you, especially as a consultant working for yourself. A logo is everything. Your new logo should be full to the brim with your personality and say everything it can, visually, about you. So what did I do for Designer G? I thought long and hard. I wanted it to be strong. I wanted it to be visible.  So while it might just look like letters to some, to me it’s more than that. I designed my own Logotype. This is a logo created from type alone. The update in the colour, once again, came from me. It’s simply my favourite colour combination. My logo represents:

Confident design

Brand personality in the use of subtle colour in the Teal

Peace and calm in the use of contrasting dark charcoal and light greys

Legibility and clarity

And basically thats how your graphic designer should be. Strong, personality, calm under pressure and legible!