PharmaPod are a company with a product that manages a cloud based software that aims to reduce medical errors. What they offer is a B2B and B2C product that is user friendly and quick. This is a company that has grown very quickly with products that respond to the changing medical environment. PharmaPod is a hugely successful story of an Irish company with a global reach. You can learn more about PharmaPod HERE


Recently I was asked to design a set of corporate PowerPoint slides for a product launch. We needed the overall look to reflect the brand but still work within the new colours from wireframes being developed. What we opted to do was to maintain the clinical look of the slides. Working hand in hand with the client we product a deck of Powerpoint slides that the sales team could use to promote their product. I was asked to specifically design slides that allowed the flexibility for the sales team to input text in single, 2 column, highlighted, photo and half photo slides. We chose a colour scheme based on the logo but incorporated a newer light blue and teal combination to keep the tone clear and clean.